Lifetime Lens Replacement & Care.

Lifetime Lens Replacement

Under this programme, one can get lifetime lens replacement between -4 to +4 (sphere) with up to 2 cylinder at no additional cost.  


If your COCO LENI frames look old, or worn out, we will repolish it and make it brand new absolutely free.

Hinge & Alignment

If ever you require any alterations done to your frames, COCO LENI will get it done at no additional cost.

Hassle Free Process

Won't take more than 5 mins. We will arrange the pickup and drop of your frames.

Discounted Hi-Index & Progressive

If in the future, your prescription power goes beyond the power mentioned in point 1, you will be eligible for a discounted rated

Quality over Quantity

More then quantity, We at COCO LENI focus on quality with our handcrafted eyewear with 100% fit garanteed.

Step 1

Create a rewind request on our website, phone or whatsapp with your new prescription or bring them to any of COCO LENI partner store.

Step 2

Frame is picked up by our courier partners. (only India).

Step 3

Re-Polished, new lens inserted and shipped back to you. The older worn out lens are sent for re-cycling.

Photo by Julián Amé
Photo by 蔡 世宏
Photo by Dave Weatherall


How Are We Offering This?

To build a lasting relationship with you and become your go-to choice for eyewear.

Why Are We Doing This?

Everything we make has an impact on the environment. COCO LENI is committed to sustainability as a Circular Eyewear Brand. This allows us to extend the lifecycle of a single COCO LENI frame so you can feel the joy of passing it down to the next generation.

Terms and Conditions

This offer is valid for only on select frames purchased on or after 26th September, 2023.

Non-Transferable: Please note that this offer cannot be transferred to another frame or person; it applies exclusively to the original buyer.

Offer is currently only available online and at select offline locations.

 Eligible for one lens replacement every year.

Choose Eyewear for a Lifetime

Embrace Sustainability with COCO LENI Rewind: Demand More, Buy Less, and Choose Eyewear for a Lifetime – Inspired by Nature, Crafted for You.