Bespoke Service 

We design a frame unique to the natural characteristics of a person, making sure it's a perfect fit for their nose, head shape and ears paired with a custom-made lens of the highest quality. This combination of tailor-made lens and handcrafted frame of choice offers unparalleled personalization in bespoke eyewear by Coco Leni.

Step 1: Frame Material & Color

Choose your preferred frame material in your favorite shade from the available options according to the look you want.

Bio-Acetate is naturally made from wood and cotton pulp.

Buffalo Horn is locally sourced in the most ethical and responsible way. 

Your customization inputs are shared with the design team at Coco Leni where your personalized pair of eyewear is handcrafted with love.

Step 2: Lens Type & Shade

Select a lens type and shade. Choose your favorite shade among the available options namely clear, tinted, polarized, or photochromic to go with your preferred lens type, be it Zero Power, Reading, Distance, or Progressive. 

Step 3: Measurements & Fit

After you've placed your custom order with us, we will virtually request the following to provide a perfect fit for your eyewear via email:

- A clear, well-lit photo of your face with a reference card

- The photo must be taken from the front with your eyes looking directly at the camera 

*This information will be used exclusively for the purpose of creating your custom eyewear and will be kept strictly confidential.*

And now you wait! 

Once we have received your pictures, our skilled craftsmen will begin making your bespoke pair of glasses best suited to your needs and specifications. 

A single frame could take up to 40 hours to make with our best craftspeople at work!

We stay mindful about the customer's brow line and the frame is tailored to give your face a symmetry that's both flattering and unique to your facial features.