Lead the way in sustainably-made luxury eyewear. 

Photo by Noah Buscher

At COCO LENI, we emphasize the longevity of our products, our customer experience, and most importantly, the causes we so adamantly support. We believe in transparency and declaring ​where ​and ​how our products are sourced and made. This is how we choose for things to be.


Every pair of frames is handcrafted with attention to detail using time-honored traditional methods of production, thus combining virtues of the past with modern sensibility.

Our products are made from all-natural & sustainable materials only. Whether it be the wood, our ethically-sourced buffalo horn, or bio-acetate made from blending wood and cotton pulp.


"A pair of bespoke eyewear is one that will always be completely unique."

A pair of bespoke glasses is one that has been discussed, conceived, designed, created, polished, refined, adjusted, modified, and re-adjusted for a single client in accordance with their particular anatomy, taste, lifestyle, and preference.

Each pair of custom eyeglasses made by COCO LENI is one-of-a-kind and an artisanal object that was co-developed by the artisan and his customer and will never be replicated in exactly the same way. 

Our expertise is based on this extreme individualization approach.


With the COCO LENI FOCUS Club, our number one goal is to eliminate single-use plastics altogether.

We are dedicated to keeping this beautiful planet plastic-free. This is exactly why we organize and participate in a number of beach clean-up drives. We create awareness on reducing plastic waste, help in composting organic waste and bring sustainable alternatives to the forefront.


One of the many organizations we donate to is ​"New Eyes For The Needy", a non-profit organization, that collects pre-owned eyeglasses and provides them to people around the world who need them.